Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

20 June 2021

Peter Gutwein, Premier

Tasmania continues to lead in climate action

Tasmania has once again hit our target of net zero emissions for the fifth year in a row, confirming our status as a world-leader in climate action.

The latest greenhouse gas emissions data shows that in the financial year ending June 2019, Tasmania emitted negative 1.68 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents – 108.6 per cent lower than the 1990 baseline.

This is a fantastic achievement and Tasmania continues to record the lowest carbon emissions in Australia, and some of the lowest in the world.

This global and significant achievement highlights our enviable renewable energy profile, our forest landscapes, and our unique opportunity to lead Australia’s transition to a low-emissions economy, attract more investment and create more local jobs.

This is backed by the Government’s world leading commitments to generate 200 per cent of our electricity needs from renewables by 2040, and commercially export clean hydrogen by 2030.

Importantly the emissions intensity of our economy continues trending downwards, even as we continue to grow our economy and jobs.

Given our strong emissions performance, it is important we continue this momentum, which is why we took to the election a climate change policy to secure our future.

As part of our policy and given our achievements so far, this year the Government intends to strengthen our climate change legislation, develop a new climate change action plan and investigate setting a more ambitious target.

Only the Gutwein Liberal Government has a plan to secure our future, reduce emissions and attract even more jobs and investment to Tasmania.

Further information can be found in the Tasmanian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 2021 prepared by the Tasmanian Climate Change Office, which presents Tasmania’s emissions by key sectors.

The Report is located here:

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