Jeremy Rockliff

Premier of Tasmania

10 November 2022

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Environment and Climate Change

Nation-leading Climate Change Bill passes Parliament

In a historic day for our State, the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s nation-leading Climate Change (State Action) Amendment Bill 2021 has passed Parliament.

The Bill outlines a nation-leading framework and a target of net zero emissions, or lower, from 2030, which will be the most ambitious legislated emissions reduction target in the nation, and one of the most ambitious in the world.

The Bill clearly outlines our Government’s absolute focus on reducing emissions, and measures to support our industries and communities to build resilience and adapt to climate change.

Recognising the urgency of action on climate change, the Bill includes a requirement to develop the first Climate Change Action Plan within one year, the Emissions Reduction and Resilience Plans within two years, and the Climate Change Risk Assessment within two years of the Bill becoming law.

The Bill also recognises the importance of consulting with the community on draft plans, and children and young people on key measures.

This nation-leading legislation was developed over nearly two years in response to the independent review of our climate legislation, detailed independent economic and emissions analysis and extensive consultation with over 200 Tasmanian firms, industry bodies and Tasmanians.

Our Government has taken the time to listen, consider and thoroughly work through and debate all of the suggestions brought forward over nearly two years of analysis, review and consultation. I thank everyone  for their contributions throughout the process.

There has been considerable support for the Bill, and our whole-of-economy 2030 target, which provides a flexible approach that recognises different sectors have different opportunities to reduce their emissions. Further, analysis shows that actions to reduce emissions can grow our economy and jobs, with our economy projected to be $475 million larger than if business-as-usual.

Our Government is committed to working with businesses, industries and the community to strengthen our world-leading emissions profile and make Tasmania a successful, clever and low-emissions economy, while protecting our environment and jobs for future generations.

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