Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

13 June 2021

Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier

Flood mitigation funding for Latrobe and Railton

The Tasmanian Government will provide $3.4 million towards the Railton Flood Mitigation Project, and a further $3.66 million towards the Latrobe project, bringing our contribution to the Latrobe project to $4.66 million.

We understand the importance of having a levee system that protects residents and property during significant flood events, which is something these two towns have experienced in the past, and these projects will ensure the region can be better prepared for future flooding events.

Acting Premier Jeremy Rockliff said the 2011 and 2016 floods were absolutely devastating for these communities, and we want to reduce the risk as much as possible to avoid this happening again.

“The funding will be provided to the Latrobe Council and Kentish Council to progress their flood mitigation works, noting both projects are complex and require the cooperation of the local Councils, the Australian Government and the Tasmanian Government. These are significant infrastructure projects and it’s great to see all three tiers of government working together to protect the community,” Mr Rockliff said.

“The emergency response to the floods of 2016 were subject to the Blake Review which published 24 recommendations in June 2017.  Fourteen recommendations have been completed, with the remaining 10 to be delivered over longer timeframes due to their ongoing nature.

“There is no doubt the Blake Review findings and progress towards implementing them has made Tasmania’s emergency services better prepared for responding to future flooding and the additional funding announced today will go a long way towards protecting those north west communities into the future.”

Kentish Mayor Tim Wilson said: “I sincerely thank the State Government for their financial support of this project to help protect Railton from a flood equivalent to the one in 2011, which created much damage and hardship in the township,” Mr Wilson said.

“All three levels of government now have an involvement. I am sure the residents of the township are grateful as well. We can now progress this project.”

Latrobe Acting Mayor Graeme Brown said: “The indicative budget estimated for the project in the aftermath of the floods was initially $4.467 million. Following the geotechnical survey, extensive hydraulic modelling and engineering, and the associated detailed design work, the costs expanded to over $14 million.

“After lobbying all tiers of government, we welcome the Tasmanian Government’s announcement of equal financial support, making this a tripartite project and enabling us to progress the mitigation works to meet resident expectations,” Mr Brown said.

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