Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

17 June 2021

Peter Gutwein, Premier

Bitter divisions on display in shadow cabinet

Less than 24 hours after pledging party unity, newly crowned Labor Leader David O’Byrne has done the hard Left’s bidding and started the payback.

It is clear from the shadow cabinet announced today that Member for Lyons Jen Butler has been made the Right faction’s sacrificial lamb for supporting Shane Broad.

Only months ago, Rebecca White appointed Jen Butler to no less than five shadow portfolios.*

The new Leader is not his own man – he is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the union powerbrokers and the faceless men and women of Labor’s Administrative Committee, and he is at their beck and call because he owes his job to them.

Labor is a party hopelessly divided and dominated by – in the words of the Member for Braddon, Dr Broad – “a hard left factional group of power brokers that I believe have delivered three election losses in a row.”

In stark contrast, the Tasmanian majority Liberal Government is getting on with the job of securing Tasmania’s future, providing the certainty and stability Tasmanians need.

*Rebecca White shadow ministry media release 1 Feb 2021:

Jenna Butler MP
Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
Shadow Minister for Building and Construction
Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs
Shadow Minister for Community Development
Shadow Minister for Arts and Creative Industries

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