Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

26 November 2020

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Year one phonics check to be expanded

All Tasmanian Government Primary and District school teachers will have access to the online Year One Phonics Check to support improved educational outcomes for students in Tasmania from 2021.

We recognise that phonics is essential for learning to read and write and  for achieving our target of 100 per cent functional literacy for all Tasmanians.

Phonics is especially important for students in Prep and Year One and is best taught explicitly as part of a balanced approach to literacy learning.

This announcement follows a pilot trialled earlier this year in more than 30 Tasmanian Government Schools which provided valuable feedback and informed planning for future professional learning support.

Teachers reported that the Phonics Check could be used to identify students who may need additional support and that the Check complements other strategies and assessments already used in the classroom.

The Australian Government launched the Literacy Hub in August 2020, which includes the Year One Phonics Check tool as part of a suite of resources.

In 2021, school-based Quality Teaching Coaches and Professional Support Staff will collaborate with classroom teachers, to use the information from the Check to inform next steps in instruction and learning.

The Tasmanian Government recognises literacy as an area of utmost importance for all Tasmanians, which is why we are continuing to build the knowledge and practices of educators through targeted and aligned resources, supports and initiatives.

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