Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

13 January 2021

Peter Gutwein, Premier

Update to Tasmanian travel restrictions

The health and safety of Tasmanians remains our number one priority as we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic by monitoring the situation in other Australian states and territories closely.

The Greater Brisbane region will remain classified as high risk, in line with public health advice, with the situation to be reviewed and an update provided next Monday.

This is a cautious and prudent approach that reflects Queensland now having six cases of the more virulent UK strain of the virus in its hotel quarantine system.

Guests from Brisbane’s Hotel Grand Chancellor are now being relocated to undertake further quarantine and testing, as well as further quarantine restrictions for people who have worked at the hotel since December 30.

Accordingly, anyone in Tasmania who has spent time as a returned traveller from overseas and who was quarantined in Brisbane’s Hotel Grand Chancellor on or from the 30 December 2020 is asked to immediately self-isolate and call public health to arrange for a test.

In relation to New South Wales, the Greater Sydney region including the Northern Beaches LGA and the Wollongong LGA will remain classified as medium risk while authorities in NSW continue to work hard to get on top of its cases. As with Greater Brisbane, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide a further update next Monday.

Last week, in line with national medical advice, National Cabinet announced that anyone travelling on domestic flights must wear a mask in the airport and when on their flight and that this would be implemented as soon as possible.

Public Health is currently drafting a legal direction as are the other States and the Australian Government to take effect as soon as possible to formally implement this action which will include ensuring travellers wear a mask at check-in, bag drop, in retail outlets, as well as any indoor premises separate to the terminal. This will also apply to travel via our sea ports and has already been implemented by the TT Line.

In the interim whilst the directions are being finalised we recommend that Tasmanians heed this advice and wear a mask when in an airport terminal and on flights.

As our summer continues, we continue to thank Tasmanians for doing the right thing and I urge them to keep following the rules to keep on top of COVID. Keep washing your hands regularly, cover your coughs and sneezes, stay home if you’re unwell and keep those testing rates up – even if you have the mildest symptoms, please get a test.

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