Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

23 December 2020

Mark Shelton, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Jeremy Rockliff, Acting Premier

Telstra Awarded TasGRN Contract

The most extensive upgrade to multiagency emergency radio communications in Tasmania’s history will soon commence following the signing of a contract between the Tasmanian Government and Telstra to deliver the Tasmanian Government Radio Network (TasGRN).

The TasGRN will replace five separate radio networks with one digital, public-safety grade radio network to be delivered by Telstra and supported by Motorola Solutions as a key part of the Tasmanian Government’s plan to keep Tasmanians safe.

Acting Premier Jeremy Rockliff said the total value of the project is $567 million, with construction to begin in 2021, and user organisations expected to commence migrating over to the new network in the 2022-23 financial year.

“Once complete the project will provide secure and mission critical voice and data communications as part of the Tasmanian Government’s plan to keep Tasmanians safe,” said Acting Premier Rockliff.

“The initial user organisations are Tasmania Police, the Tasmania Fire Service, Ambulance Tasmania, the State Emergency Service, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, TasNetworks and Hydro Tasmania.

“The project is expected to create around 50 jobs during the three-year construction phase, with more than 30 additional positions created to help run, maintain and oversee the network once it is up and running”.

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management Mark Shelton said the TasGRN will improve public safety outcomes for all Tasmanians and emergency responders.

“Radio communication is a critical technology for organisations across the State, and during emergencies, the radio network must be reliable and continuous,” Minister Shelton said.

“When the State is in need, immediate interoperability will be available for interstate emergency service personnel deployed to Tasmania.  Similarly, any of the 10,000 TasGRN radio users will be able to provide swift support to an interstate jurisdiction in a time of emergency."

Telstra Enterprise Executive Gretchen Cooke said TasGRN would be the largest single project Telstra had ever carried out in Tasmania and would transform the way government agencies communicate.

“This new radio network will be more reliable, more resilient, more secure and will replace five separate systems so Tasmania’s emergency services can communicate with confidence to help keep Tasmanians safe,” Ms Cooke said.

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