Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

7 November 2020

Peter Gutwein,

Supporting Tasmanian business to build a better future

As we begin to rebuild a stronger Tasmania together, the Tasmanian Government is committed to providing businesses with the certainty and confidence they need.

I’m pleased to announce that next week’s Budget will include an investment of over $22 million to significantly boost jobs for apprentices, trainees and youth employees.

This includes:

  • Extending the current payroll tax rebate for all youth employees for a further 18 months;
  • Extending the current payroll tax rebate for apprentices and trainees for a further 12 months; and
  • Extending both rebates to all industry sectors.

In addition, we’ll also be extending the Targeted Apprentice and Trainee Grant for Small Business to any small business who employs an apprentice or trainee until 30 June 2022.

In total, these initiatives will provide for 4000 new apprentices and trainees supported by this Government.

Legislation for the extension of the payroll tax incentives will be introduced into the Parliament next week, so those incentives and the expanded Small Business Grant can begin on 1 January next year.

As a Government, we recognise the valuable investment business makes in training the next generation of Tasmanian workers, and we want to make sure businesses are confident and prepared to take on more apprentices, trainees and young people.

Not only will this help young people get their foot in the door for a job, but it will help our businesses with a ready supply of skilled young people for the future.

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