Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

26 November 2019

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Tasmanian Labor at odds with its own party values

Not only has Tasmanian Labor abandoned workers by partnering with the Greens to oppose our workplace protection laws, they have abandoned the values of their own party.

Labor governments across the country have backed similar legislation to protect workers’ right to work without being threatened or impeded.

Only the Tasmanian Labor party are opposing these laws.

In response to repeated invasions of farms and other businesses:

  • The Queensland Labor Government introduced legislation to double penalties for unlawful trespass on farm land;
  • Federal Labor provided bipartisan support for the Morrison Government’s tough new Commonwealth laws;
  • The Labor-dominated Victorian Parliament is investigating the impact of animal rights activism on agriculture; and
  • The Western Australian Labor Government is introducing a new offence of aggravated trespass with maximum penalties of a $24,000 fine and imprisonment for two years – double the existing penalties.

Only the Tasmanian Labor party are breaking ranks, choosing to align with the Greens to back extremist protesters over hard working Tasmanians.

Unfortunately this is what we have come to expect from a party without leadership and without direction. Only yesterday Bec White proudly stated on ABC radio, she was sitting on the fence.

Tasmanians deserve more from their elected officials.

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government is committed to protecting all Tasmanians' right to work without being prevented from doing so - that's what our Workplaces Amendment Bill is really about.

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