Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

20 June 2018

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Greens confirm Labor-Green Minority attack on jobs

The Greens’ Budget Reply today was a frightening reminder of what a Rebecca White and Cassy O’Connor minority government would deliver – major job losses, economic destruction and more taxes.

If ever there was any doubt that the Greens would target tourism once they were done with destroying forestry, look no further than their Alternative Budget – they’ve declared all-out war on tourism.

Ms O’Connor confirmed a Labor-Green Government would put a padlock on Tasmania’s environmental tourism ventures and cut marketing funding, threatening tens of thousands of jobs.

Ms O’Connor confirmed that a Labor-Green Government would again take the axe to the forestry industry, putting thousands of Tasmanians out of a job.

Ms O’Connor confirmed a Labor-Green Government would shut down the racing industry, again taking the guillotine to 1,000 jobs across regional Tasmania.

If you work in a cafĂ©, restaurant, corner store, pub, motel or just about any business in regional Tasmania make no mistake – the Greens are coming for you and they are coming for your job.

This is the biggest assault on Tasmanian businesses and jobs in living memory.

Car enthusiasts will be slugged with a new tax under a Labor-Green Government with their V8 tax hit.

In a kill-joy decision, our major sporting events will be cancelled and Tasmanians will be forced to travel interstate if they want to see the spectacle of the V8s or AFL.

The Greens’ road-hating mentality continues, with a $120 million cut in funding for vital, job-creating road infrastructure that will improve safety and amenity for all Tasmanians.

If Labor and the Greens ever get back into government the Alternative Budget released today shows is would be an absolute catastrophe for Tasmania.

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