Jeremy Rockliff

Premier of Tasmania

30 April 2020

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Finance

Waiving payroll tax on JobKeeper payments

The Tasmanian Government is supporting Tasmanians through the challenges of coronavirus and will waive payroll tax on JobKeeper payments made by employers of Tasmanians.

The JobKeeper package, along with a range of other measures implemented by the State and Federal governments, will help sustain businesses and the people they employ, during the pandemic period, and assist them to resume once the COVID-19 emergency has passed.

The JobKeeper program has provided a lifeline to many Tasmanian businesses and their employees, and by waiving payroll tax on these payments, it will help maximise the benefit of the stimulus measure.

This funding is incredibly important in reducing the stress on businesses and employees in the immediate future, and will help position them to hibernate now so they can be with us through the recovery.

These are extraordinary times and the State and Federal governments have been working closely to save lives and protect livelihoods.

Our unprecedented $985 million Social and Economic Support Package is assisting Tasmanian businesses through loans, grants and fee waivers. This is in addition to the Australian Government’s $130 billion package, designed to protect the jobs of Australians and buffer the national economy.

Since our stimulus package was announced, we have supported more than 12,300 businesses through grants, with over $29 million in payments made to Tasmanian businesses.

When it is safe to start lifting restrictions, we will look to our businesses and their employees to help reboot the state’s economy.

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