Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

23 August 2019

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts

Tasmanian stories to be shown on SBS

Tasmania’s screen industry is thriving under the Hodgman majority Liberal Government thanks to the new $2 million Screen Innovation Fund which, as well as investing in major screen productions, allows us to help projects through to proof of concept stage and support development initiatives.

With assistance from the Fund, three original Tasmanian documentaries will air on SBS On Demand next month as part of the joint Short-Form Factual Initiative between Screen Tasmania and SBS.

The Initiative aims to increase career development opportunities for Tasmania’s diverse cultural and linguistic, and under-represented groups.

After taking part in workshops and mentoring opportunities offered through the initiative, three Tasmanian teams received $35,000 to produce short films:

  • Flavour Swap produced by Ella Kennedy and Catherine Pettman. The project delves into the friendship, stories and delicious food shared when Tasmania’s top chefs meet and cook for the State’s newest migrants.
  • Sidelines produced by Eliya Cohen, Paul Moran, Mark Thompson, and Alicia Rackett. The documentary captures a local cricket competition between a skilful migrant team and underdog locals, with sporting skills and cultural differences put to the test.
  • Small Town Drifter produced by Dylan Hesp and Michael O’Neill. The program follows Taylor Forward, a youth worker from Penguinin north west Tasmania as he travels to Ebisuin Japan to prove himself in the competitive motorsport of Drift.

These inspiring and entertaining documentaries will be available on SBS On Demand in September as part of the SBS Short Film Festival.

The Government is committed to supporting our Tasmanian screen industry and we will continue to put in place initiatives such as this to allow the sector to thrive.

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