Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

30 June 2020

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Education key data report released

The Tasmanian Government is today releasing the Department of Education’s key data report in line with our commitment to transparency, openness and improving educational outcomes.

Quality data is critical to improving educational outcomes for Tasmanian students, ensuring that funding is distributed according to student need and that programs and policies are developed and implemented appropriately.

Highlights from this year’s data include:

  • Increased teacher numbers; this is a direct result of our commitment to employ an extra 250 teachers over six years;
  • Additional funding and resources for key Government initiatives including educational adjustments for students with disability, supporting students impacted by trauma and additional school health nurses for Colleges;
  • Membership of Libraries Tasmania continues to grow, reflecting the ongoing success of the `Bringing Back Libraries’ measures; and
  • Temporary resident enrolments in Tasmanian Government Schools continues to increase, reflecting the success of the `Population Growth Strategy’ and associated skilled migration program.

The ratio of computers to students has remained stable, however we expect this to improve in next year’s data release which will reflect the increase in devices procured to support learning at home in Term 2 due to COVID-19.

In keeping with our commitment to increase access to data, additional data sets have been incorporated into the report, including:

  • Student Wellbeing;
  • Additional data on Attendance and Suspension;
  • State Results for the Australian Early Development Census;
  • Child and Family Centres;
  • Libraries Tasmania; and
  • Government Education and Training International.

The full report is available at:

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