Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

3 January 2021

Jeremy Rockliff, Acting Premier

Lazy Labor re-releases Budget reply

In another attempt to gain relevance, Rebecca White has re-released Labor’s glossy brochure from last year.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government already has a plan to rebuild a stronger Tasmania, through its record $5 billion job-creating infrastructure investment.

This is already being implemented, with infrastructure projects being fast-tracked and some underway, to support jobs right across the state.

Our plan to recover and rebuild is already working, with the latest Sensis Business Index finding Tasmania is the most confident jurisdiction, with 69 per cent of businesses extremely or fairly confident about our future. Confident businesses invest and hire more Tasmanians.

The latest ABS data shows that over the last two weeks of November, Tasmania recorded the highest growth in payroll jobs of all states and territories. Payroll jobs also grew 1.8 per cent during the entire month of November – the highest growth in the nation.

We have established the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council to provide well-informed
advice and recommendations on strategies and initiatives to support short, medium and longer-term recovery.

The 2020-21 Budget includes a record $9.8 billion in health spending over the next four years – a 21 per cent increase on last year’s Budget, to recruit more staff, open more beds and invest in the facilities our patients and staff deserve.

We are also investing a record $7.5 billion over the forward estimates into education and training, which includes employing an additional 250 teachers by the end of 2024.

The Budget also includes more than $300 million to deliver new housing and homelessness initiatives, which will help some of our most vulnerable while creating jobs, growing the economy and strengthening communities in every region.

Labor’s claim of supporting Tasmanian jobs is a sham as they double down on their policy to spend $850 million in Europe without even looking at opportunities for Tasmanians.

The best way to get our budget back on track, grow business confidence and create jobs is to grow the economy, which is exactly what we are doing.

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