Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

22 September 2020

Michael Ferguson, Minister for State Growth

Auditor-General’s report into EOI process

The Auditor-General’s report into the Tasmanian Government’s Expressions of Interest (EOI) process has found it has been administered effectively, consistently and with transparency.

The performance report into the EOI process, which allows private investors and tourism operators to put forward proposals for sensitive, appropriate and high quality ecotourism experiences within our parks and reserves, found the process and its guiding principles are fundamentally sound.

We welcome the report of the Auditor-General, which provides the highest level of independent scrutiny of the EOI process and backs up what we already know is a robust and transparent process.

It concluded that the EOI process was implemented and administered effectively and in a manner consistent with the Government’s policy objectives.

The report also found there was no evidence to support allegations of undue secrecy and the publication of information on recommended proposals had been sufficiently timely and appropriately handled.

While there have been critics and intense levels of public interest in the process, we know the vast majority of those criticisms are unfounded.

The EOI process was designed to seek out the very best opportunities for Tasmania and broaden the range of exciting experiences on offer in our National Parks.

The EOI process does not ‘green light’ a proposal, it ensures we only accept suitable proposals to progress through the normal PWS assessment processes.

We are now reviewing the findings of the audit, and while we acknowledge there is always room for improvement, it is important to note several of the recommendations and advice provided by the Auditor-General have already been implemented.

All recommendations will be provided to the Assessment Panel for a detailed review, consideration and subsequent advice

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