Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

13 September 2017

Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

White unravelling under policy pressure

Labor leader Bec White is clearly out of her depth.

When pressed to outline Labor’s policies on important issues she has started to unravel.

It has become increasingly clear in recent days that Ms White is nothing more than a fa├žade, with nothing of substance behind her.

Ms White has shown she is all complaint and no solutions, with no policies on issues that are important to Tasmanians.

She has no answers on health, is soft on salmon, soft on crime, unclear on gaming, and is sitting on the fence when it comes to the cable car and 4WD tracks in the Arthur Pieman.

Tasmanians expect and deserve more from someone who is trying to present herself as an alternative Premier.

Labor’s policy vacuum creates uncertainty and means Tasmanians just don’t know what they’d get if Labor snuck back into government with the Greens' support.

Ms White could only manage 6 minutes when forced to talk about Labor’s secret gaming ‘policy’ yesterday, which was less than her media conference later where she was fed questions.

If Bec White could only manage to speak for 6 minutes on Labor’s own policies, how could she possibly represent and stand up for Tasmania.

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