Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

23 October 2017

Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

White fails debate test

Today’s Property Council debate was clearly won by Premier Will Hodgman, who outlined a clear Plan for the future.

In contrast, the Leader of the Opposition failed to outline a coherent long term plan for Tasmania – because she doesn’t have one.

For months Labor has been adopting a small target strategy - sniping from the sidelines, but offering no credible alternative of their own.

Today it was more of the same – all feeling and no facts, Ms White was exposed when pressed for detail on issues such as population, schools to year 12 and wages policy.

In contrast Premier Hodgman was able to clearly articulate a long term plan to take Tasmania to the next level.

A plan that builds on gains already made, to deliver an even stronger economy and create more jobs, take action on the cost of living, invest more into health, education and Tasmanians in need, keep Tasmanians safe, protect the Tasmanian way of life and build the infrastructure of the 21st century.

If Tasmanians want a strong and stable majority government with a long term plan for our State it’s clear you’ll need to vote Liberal.

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