Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

27 November 2018

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

When union leaders knock off early it’s hard to keep up with the facts

Claims last night from CPSU boss Tom Lynch that he was unaware of the Government’s fair and affordable wages offers for Tasmania’s State Service employees shows what little respect he has for the members he purports to represent.

The fact is a formal offer was made to the Public Sector Unions at 4:15pm yesterday and acknowledged by at least one of the unions by 4:20pm. This was at least two hours before any media became aware of the offer.

It is an offer that represents the most significant and meaningful improvement to public sector employment conditions in more than a decade.

It’s time for Tom Lynch to get serious about genuinely representing Tasmania’s State Service employees rather than pursuing his self-aggrandising agenda in the media.

Just yesterday Tom Lynch was forced to backflip on industrial tactics which he knew from the start was stopping police from catching criminals, and risking the safety of Tasmanians.

It’s time for Tom to start representing the State Service employees who pay his wage.

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