Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

23 January 2018

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

What’s next under Labor’s bizarre housing policy? Housing inspectors?

Labor’s bizarre housing tax policy is falling apart.

Rebecca White can’t even explain the basics of how her housing tax would work.

How would a Labor-Green Government know if a house had been vacant for more than six months?

Will households be forced to fill out forms and sign statutory declarations each year stating that they have been at home for more than six months?

Surely Rebecca White doesn’t think that people will just voluntarily start mailing in cheques?

The only other alternative would be to employ housing inspectors to check if houses were occupied.

The policy just doesn’t make any sense and Ms White and her Labor colleagues should just admit it was a thought bubble.

Unlike Labor, the Hodgman Government has a clear set of policies that are targeted at the housing market ranging from investing millions into affordable housing, through to reducing stamp duty on house and land packages and providing a $20,000 First Home Builders Boost to encourage people to build their first home.

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