Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

8 January 2017

Stephen Conway, CEO, TasTAFE

VET student loans

Student loans for VET courses have been promoted by TasTAFE since 2015.

TasTAFE welcomes the introduction of the revised VET Student Loans System as a more streamlined system which will prevent rorting by some unscrupulous providers which was possible under the system introduced by the previous Government. 

CEO Stephen Conway has said that this revised system is based on a very strong quality assurance theme and as Tasmania's largest VET provider TasTAFE will continue to promote eligible courses to prospective students. 

Stephen Conway has also indicated that TasTAFE has a strong commitment to proving high quality vocational courses and the VET Student Loan System allows students greater access to these courses through the provision of a Commonwealth Government loan. 

The revised system started on January 1st this year and Mr Conway was a member of the Commonwealth Government's advisory group.

Information on the revised VET Student Loan System including fact sheets for students and new providers applying to participate in VET Student Loans, and arrangements for current VET FEE-HELP students and providers, is available on the Department of Education and Training’s website at VET Student Loans.

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