Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

25 June 2019

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Union chaos means public sector workers miss out again

With Tasmania’s union leaders locked in a fierce internal fight over who should be President of Unions Tasmania, our hardworking public sector workers are missing out on the pay rise they deserve.

Last week, we offered to meet personally with union leaders to finalise negotiations on this pay rise on the condition that all forms and threats of industrial action cease.

Good faith negotiations cannot take place when students are attending schools which have not been cleaned and where our prison system is forced into lock down.

Although a number of unions have accepted our invitation and ceased industrial action, a constructive meeting cannot take place unless all action is stopped.

Tasmanians are sick and tired of the disruption and stunts. We again call on all union leaders to stop playing silly internal games, and start focusing on their members so we can get a deal done.

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