Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

20 April 2020

Leonie Hiscutt, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council

Trade support important for business

While there are restrictions to further limit the movement of people on the North West Coast, it is important business can access the trade products they require.

In line with the direction* issued to help protect Tasmanians on the North West Coast from the spread of coronavirus, hardware, trade and agricultural supply stores are permitted to sell directly to businesses that need specific products related to their line of work.

All trade businesses, including farmers, should be prepared to provide appropriate identification, such as an ABN, if they are asked in-store for confirmation that the sale is business related.

These are challenging times, and while the restrictions in place are difficult, they are important to limit the spread of coronavirus and keep Tasmanians safe.

*further details regarding the direction issued 17 April can be found at

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