Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

12 December 2019

Peter Gutwein, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

Towards a Tourism Master Plan

The development of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) Tourism Master Plan (TMP) passed a milestone today with the release of the “Towards a Tourism Master Plan” positioning paper.

The ‘Towards a Tourism Master Plan’ Paper will guide the development of the draft TMP and establishes the purpose of the TMP, explaining key issues and setting preliminary policy directions as well as identifying future opportunities and priorities.

The paper builds on the policy settings in the 2016 TWWHA Management Plan by identifying the significance of Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural heritage values of the TWWHA as well as providing guidance and policy direction of tourism and related recreation in the TWWHA.

A significant public consultation process incorporating regional workshops and a Southern based symposium has helped shape the issues addressed in the paper.  The community will be given further opportunities to provide feedback and input when the draft TMP is released in March 2020 for a six week consultation following which the final tourism masterplan will be prepared.

To view the TMP paper visit the

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