Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

12 January 2019

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Timely reminder to enjoy Tasmania’s marine waterways

Summer is a wonderful time to cast a line and relax with friends and family, however it is important for fishers to be aware of safety requirements and the rules in place to protect the sustainability of our marine fisheries.

While rod and line fishing licences aren’t required for our marine waters, licences are required for some saltwater species caught by other means such as lobster pots and graball nets.

There are also bag and size limits for a range of marine fishing species. Recreational fishers can stay up to date through the sea-fishing guide and app.

The app can be downloaded from the DPIPWE site at: https://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/sea-fishing-aquaculture/publications-and-products/tasmanian-sea-fishing-guide-app

It is important to practice good safety when near any water area, including wearing a PFD when boating. Check your boating safety equipment and ensure your motor is in good working order before going on your trip.

Minimum safety equipment requirements for boating can be found on the MAST website: www.mast.tas.gov.au/recreational/boating/

And lastly, always check the weather forecast and take note of any warnings, particularly small craft wind alerts.

Our comprehensive recreational fishing policy can be viewed here: https://www.tas.liberal.org.au/sites/default/files/Recreational%20Fishing%20and%20Boating.pdf

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