Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

19 June 2017

Matthew Groom, Acting Attorney-General

Time for Labor to listen to the community

This week, Labor has the opportunity to protect our most vulnerable when they vote on our Bill in the Legislative Council to introduce minimum mandatory sentences for anyone who commits a serious sexual offence against a child.

Any sexual offence against children is abhorrent, and the community rightfully expects prison time for anyone who chooses to commit serious sexual offences against children.

If Labor were to miss this opportunity by voting against our legislation, it would be a damning indication of their willingness to ignore the genuine concern of the Tasmanian community.

It would prove once and for all they are soft on crime and in lockstep with the Greens.

The Government received a mandate on this issue after taking it to the people at the 2014 election.

I urge Labor to heed this mandate and vote with us to better protect children from sexual offences.

If Labor again fails on this issue we will not give up, we will seek a second mandate for these laws at the next election and if re-elected, we will reintroduce them into the Parliament.

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