Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

29 June 2016

Will Hodgman, Premier

Team Sentinel Milestone

The reveal of the Sentinel today marks a major milestone for Team Sentinel and Tasmania.

Team Sentinel’s prototype, could be the beginning of the next combat reconnaissance vehicles that will be protecting Australian troops from 2020.  And, for Tasmania, this could be the emergence of another competitive strength; defence manufacturing.

Over the next few months Team Sentinel will be refining its offer and finalising its vehicle development with Tasmania’s Elphinstone’s support.

The team is working towards securing one of the largest Australian Defence Force vehicle replacement contracts in history; the Land 400 phase two contract.

Team Sentinel has several competitive advantages, and one of its greatest is its Tasmanian content. They have recognised the huge advanced manufacturing capabilities at Elphinstone, and the highly skilled workers in Tasmania’s North West.

Elphinstone will play a key role in building the hull and engine of these vehicles, and CBG Systems in Hobart will add its stealth blanket technology. This means jobs and economic growth for Tasmania; an estimated 150 jobs at Elphinstone over five years and 20 at CBG.

It also means Tasmania gets its fair share of defence spending. Over $30 billion is spent annually on defence, and it’s estimated that Tasmania currently gets less than 0.03 per cent.

Earlier this year we launched Our Fair Share of Defence Strategy. The strategy will target our fair share of defence spending by attracting, enabling and building defence industries in the State and promoting Tasmania as both a military supplier and a port for our Southern Ocean responsibilities.

The Tasmanian Government has been proud to support the bid. While there are a many stages ahead, we will continue to support Team Sentinel every step of the way.

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