Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

31 December 2018

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training


Labor are destined to end 2018 just how they began it, with nothing to offer except negativity and scare mongering.

In relation to skills development and TasTAFE the facts are:

  • The Hodgman Liberal Government’s investments in skill development are working,  with trade training commencements up 20.7 per cent in Tasmania compared to the 12 months prior.
  • Tasmania has the highest training completion rates in the country
  • TasTAFE continues to prioritise areas where there are skills shortages to meet Tasmania’s infrastructure needs.
  • TasTAFE fees have not increased for 3 years - 2016 was the last time that fees were increased to keep pace with CPI, and
  • The cost of studying at TasTAFE remains substantially lower than other TAFEs around Australia.

While there has been a  small fee increase in 2019 it is in line with CPI. Diploma courses have been adjusted to meet delivery costs and students are able to access vet student loans to cover all tuition delivery costs.

Labor's cynical and hypocritical TAFE stunt today whitewashes over their terrible treatment of TAFE.

Have Labor already forgotten their Tasmanian Tomorrow reforms? Labor abolished TAFE which decimated the Training system leaving staff and students in complete disarray.

Under Labor and the Greens Tasmania lost 4000 apprentices.

Only a Hodgman majority government will protect TAFE, provide it the funding guarantee it deserves, and ensure students are trained to support our booming economy.

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