Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

14 December 2016

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Tasmania Report

The Tasmania Report confirms that while Tasmania is a much better place than it was at the election just over 1,000 days ago, there’s a long way to go.

Under the Hodgman Government, the economy has grown for three consecutive years and 2,500 new net jobs have been created; under Labor and the Greens, the economy was in recession and unemployment peaked at 8.6 percent.

Our population is growing at 0.4 percent, the fastest rate in four years; under Labor and the Greens, it had flat-lined and people were fleeing the state.

In education, our targeted investment and the roll-out of high schools to year 12 has seen the apparent retention rate in years 10 to 12 increase from 70.1% in 2014 to 73.8% in 2015.

And in health, the elective surgery waiting lists are now the shortest on record.

We know there are some people who are not yet feeling the benefits of the stronger economy, or record low elective surgery waiting lists, or an improved education system - which is why we’re committed to continuing to deliver our long-term Plan for a Brighter Future.

And I again state for the record – we won’t be forcibly closing schools like Labor and the Greens tried; nor will we sell government assets.

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