Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

28 January 2018

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Tasmania improves ranking in CommSec Report – dead last under Labor, fourth nationally under Hodgman

The CommSec State of the State Report confirms that under the Hodgman Government, Tasmania is heading in the right direction.  Just a few years ago, under the Labor-Green Government, Tasmania was ranked dead last on key economic measures.

However, today’s Report confirms that we are holding our own, top ranked on population growth, third on investment and unemployment and ranked fourth overall compared to other states and territories.

Highlights from the Report include:

  • Tasmania has lifted from fifth to fourth position. Tasmania now is top-ranked on relative population growth and is third-placed on equipment investment and unemployment.  Population growth is the strongest in 6½ years.
  • Tasmania’s population is 0.64 per cent up on a year earlier – the fastest rate in 6½ years.
  • Business investment increased the most of any state or territory over the past 12 months (up 32.6 per cent).
  • Businesses are investing in equipment at a 5-year high
  • Tasmania’s unemployment rate ranks third, and is 2.4 per cent below the decade average.
  • Tasmania is now on top, with its 0.64 per cent annual population growth rate 15.8 per cent above the decade average rate.

The Hodgman Government has a long-term Plan to create jobs and grow the economy and clearly, that Plan is working.  A re-elected Hodgman Government will take Tasmania to the next level.

Only the Hodgman Government has a proven track record of managing the State’s finances and our economy and the reality is, Labor and the Greens will put all of this, and more, at risk.

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