Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

28 January 2018

Will Hodgman, Premier

Taking Tasmania to the Next Level

Earlier today I visited the Governor, and I can inform Tasmanians that the State election will be held on Saturday, March 3.

This election is crucial in determining our State’s future – your future.

It’s a choice about who has the strongest team, and the best Plan, to take Tasmania to the Next Level.

In the past four years we’ve achieved a lot.

Today, our economy is much stronger, and over 10,000 more Tasmanians have jobs.

Our Budget is back in balance.

Hospital waiting lists are lower, and our kids are doing better at school.

But there is still much more to be done, and I strongly believe our best days are ahead of us.

Our Plan is all about Taking Tasmania to the Next Level.

And as our record shows, Tasmanians can trust me and my strong team to deliver on what we promise.

It is an important choice for Tasmanians, because a change of government will change the direction of our State.

And why would you want to go back?

Key election dates:

  • Issue of the writs and close of the electoral rolls - February 5, 2018;
  • Closing date for nominations for candidature - February 12, 2018;
  • Election Day - Saturday, March 3; and
  • The date on or before which writs must be returned - March 21, 2018.

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