Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

12 December 2018

Will Hodgman, Premier

Taking a strong stance against bullying

The Tasmanian Government welcomes the agreement at COAG today to progress ‘Right to be Forgotten’ laws to protect our children against cyber-bullying.

We strongly support the proposal with work to now commence at a national level to progress these protections.

This proposal, which would make it possible to remove content on websites or social media platforms that constitutes cyberbullying or on-line harassment, has been championed by Dolly’s Dream and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

My Government is committed tackling bullying and cyber-bullying and earlier this week we released draft legislation which will capture serious bullying behaviours in the Criminal Code, an important step to help stamp out the worst kinds of bullying in our community.

We have also been putting a strong focus in tackling bullying in our schools. We are investing $3 million over four years to combat bullying and cyber bullying in all Tasmanian Government schools. Our schools are utilising the Respectful Relationships Education resource, and the Government has partnered with Relationships Australia to deliver the Speak Up Stay Chatty program in schools over the next four years.

We have also partnered with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to implement evidence-based strategies to combat cyber bullying in schools.

Bullying can have devastating impacts on people and their families, and our community, and we are determined to do all we can to stop it.

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