Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

9 November 2018

Michael Pervan, Secretary, Department of Health

Surgical termination service update

Commencement of a low-cost abortion service remains imminent, pending the finalisation of commercial negotiations between the provider and a facility.

The provider met with the surgical facility in Hobart yesterday, and is working to as quickly as possible finalise arrangements. The new provider also had positive meetings with all prescribed health organisations.

The provider has indicated women will be able to self-refer to this service by phone, which will be published on the Department of Health website as soon as the service is ready to take referrals in coming weeks.

This is in addition to referrals from GPs and other medical professionals, and through the prescribed health organisations.

The date of the commencement of the service will be provided to GPs, as well as the public, once commercial arrangements have been finalised, which the Department understands should be soon.

This is a privately run service and while the Department of Health has done everything it can to facilitate the set-up of a new provider, a commencement date remains dependent on the provider and the surgical facility.

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