Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

7 January 2020

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Supporting traditional hunting

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government is delivering on its commitment to support traditional recreational pursuits and the Tasmanian way of life.

This year, the Government has made four additional areas of reserved land available for the 2020 recreational deer hunting season.

The new reserves are:

  • Tooms Lake Conservation Area
  • Buxton River Conservation Area
  • St Pauls Regional Reserve
  • Castle Carey Regional Reserve

There are now 10 reserves available to recreational hunters as part of our commitment to provide appropriate recreational opportunities for hunters.

These additional areas were added after considerable community and stakeholder consultation and have been rigorously assessed through the Reserve Activity Assessment process.

Recreational hunters play an important role in managing wild fallow deer populations and restricting the negative impact they have on both private and public land.

Similar to other reserves available for recreational hunting, access to the new reserves will be managed through a ballot system.

The ballot for all reserves available for hunting opened on Monday January 6, 2020, and will close on Monday January 27, 2020. The ballot will be drawn on January 28 and 29 with successful applicants being notified by email soon after the ballot.

Hunters need to also be aware of restrictions and requirements in place as part of ensuring values of the reserves are protected, including a no-hunting buffer zone of 500 metres around the new reserves to ensure public safety.

Additionally, some limitations on access have been placed on all four new reserves to minimise habit disturbance during breeding season for some species including wedge tailed eagles, as well as providing for other recreational activities in the reserves.

The four new reserves join the six existing reserves: Top Marshes Conservation area, Great Western Tiers Conservation Area, Five Mile Pinnacle Conservation Area, Central Plateau Conservation Area – Breton River & Mother Lord Plains, Great Western Tiers Conservation Area – Parson and Clerk Mountain, Great Lake Conservation Area – Tumbledown Creek and Gunns Marsh.

For full details and ballot applications visit

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