Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

16 August 2014

Paul Harriss, Minister for Resources

Supporting Free Speech in Tasmania

The Liberal Government supports the right to free speech and that right was exercised at Hobart City Hall today.

The simple fact is the Liberal Government's Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill does not remove the right to protest; it protects workplaces from radical protesters.

We believe that workers have a right to earn a living without the threat of radical protesters shutting them down.

Today's gathering is a sign of healthy democracy. However it's disappointing some people continue to spread misinformation in the community to justify their own radical agendas.

For example, claims that people will offend against the new law if they temporarily block access to a business or stop traffic while undertaking a street march are just plain wrong. The bill is very clear that you must have intent to obstruct access to a business to potentially offend against it.

The Liberal Government makes no apologies for this pro-worker legislation which was endorsed by Tasmanians at the election.

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