Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

10 September 2020

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Students taking the lead to promote suicide awareness

Suicide Awareness Week aims to shine light on the importance of suicide prevention, speaking up and checking in regularly with each other by asking the question – ‘R U OK?’

As a result of COVID-19, making sure that we are supporting each other and engaging in regular, meaningful conversations has never been more important – an issue which has not gone unnoticed by our students.

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Latrobe High School to witness some of the wonderful student-led work promoting mental health as part of ‘R U OK’ Day and Suicide Awareness Week.

In order to maintain and build connections with each other and create a supportive environment, students at Latrobe High School have developed the ‘Keeping Connected’ campaign to ensure that all students understand the importance of conversation and connection.

A conversation could change a life, and this year what to say after ‘R U OK’ is a key focus behind awareness activities and resources.

Throughout the week, the student-led events will aim to encourage students to develop skills in conversation and learn about where they can go for help and support if needed.

I am proud to see our learners stepping up to the challenge to promote mental health and suicide awareness among their peers – it’s exciting to see such initiative and drive in our future leaders.

More information about suicide prevention and R U OK day, including conversation tips, is available at and

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