Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

10 January 2019

Leonie Hiscutt, Liberal Member for Montgomery

Strong support for jail time for child sex offenders

The community and victim support groups such as Bravehearts have once again made clear that they want tougher jail sentences for child sex offenders.

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government’s Plan is very clear – our policy is mandatory jail time for serious child sex offenders. Sex offenders can’t harm our children when they’re behind bars.

Tougher sentencing for sex offenders is what the community wants, it’s what victim support groups want, and it’s the Labor Party which voted against our policy for tougher sentencing and stopped it from happening. The Liberal Government is committed to continuing to push for mandatory prison sentences for child sex offenders.

Unfortunately, we know that Labor Party members in the Legislative Council have blocked mandatory sentences for child sex offenders once, and have committed to doing so again. Labor’s out of touch position on protecting our children will be a major issue for the Legislative Council elections in May this year.

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