Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

20 March 2020

Elise Archer, Minister for Building and Construction

Stamping out coronavirus scams

Reports of people attempting to exploit the coronavirus pandemic for personal gain are extremely distressing and disappointing.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has today issued a warning on COVID-19 scams.

The ACCC has said ‘Australians should be aware scammers are adapting existing technology to play on people’s fears around coronavirus and selling products claiming to prevent or cure the virus.’

According to the ACCC, Scamwatch has received 94 reports of scams about coronavirus, but warns figures are starting to climb.

People are being urged to remain vigilant amid reports of phishing scams sent via email or text message that claim to be providing official information on coronavirus but are attempts to try and obtain personal data.

Any Tasmanians who think they may have been scammed are asked to contact their bank or financial institution immediately and I would urge anybody who may be aware of any coronavirus scams to report it on the Scamwatch website or to Consumer, Building and Occupational Services on 1300 654 499.

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