Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

23 July 2020

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Housing

Short Stay Accommodation report

Tasmania’s Short Stay Accommodation sector continues to play an important role in our economy and the Government’s nation-leading legislation is ensuring everyone is playing by the rules.

The second quarterly Short Stay Accommodation report has now been released and shows that our legislation is working as intended.

The report shows there were 433 fewer properties listed on Short Stay Accommodation platforms compared to the previous quarter, including 309 that sought to be listed during the period but were removed by the platforms because they didn’t comply with regulations.

The report also shows the majority of listings in Greater Hobart are people sharing their own home. Out of the 2070 premises recorded, 1241 (60 per cent) are listed as being a primary place of residence, with just 829 being secondary properties such as investment properties.

Conversely, major tourist areas, such as in the Break O’Day municipality, have just over 20 per cent of the listings reported as a primary place of residence, indicating more investment properties or holiday shacks are being used for short stay accommodation.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government will continue to monitor and analyse further short stay data when the next quarter’s results are released.

The report can be found at:

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