Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

20 March 2017

Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy

PM commits to detailed discussions on Tasmania's renewable energy opportunities

Today's discussions with the Prime Minister and Minister Frydenberg on opportunities to invest in renewable energy development were very positive and constructive.

The Prime Minister acknowledged Tasmania's further renewable energy potential and has committed to detailed discussions with the Tasmanian Government to advance a number of significant renewable energy developments in wind and hydro.

The Hodgman Government is determined to advance Tasmania's case for further renewable energy development, which has the potential to assist in addressing the energy challenges that mainland Australia is currently experiencing.

Tasmania is ideally placed, with our extensive network of baseload hydro generation to incorporate additional intermittent generation, such as wind, into our energy portfolio.  In addition, we have significant opportunities in expanding our existing hydro capacity.

There are also a number of medium term projects being considered including building new hydro capacity and pumped hydro.

I also raised with the Energy Minister and the Prime Minister the second interconnector and the role it would play in maximising Tasmania's contribution of renewable energy into the national energy market.

This is an exciting opportunity for Tasmania and the Hodgman Government is committed to seizing the initiative.

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