Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

23 September 2017

Matthew Groom, Minister for State Growth
Minister for Energy
Acting Attorney General

Personal statement- Matthew Groom

Today I am announcing that I will not be standing as a candidate at the next election.

It’s my intention to serve out the balance of the term and to continue to do everything I can to represent the people of Denison. I will then move on and pursue another career outside of politics.

It’s been big decision for Ruth and me. But it’s the right decision. And it’s the right time to make it.

I have never considered myself a career politician. I enjoyed 15 years of professional experience in the law and renewable energy before I was elected to parliament. I am young enough to have an exciting further career post politics.

At the end of this term I will have served almost eight years in the parliament. It will be the right time for me to move on. In edging closer to an election it has been important to properly reflect on what another term would mean.

I am not prepared to cause a recount or leave part way through a term I have been elected to serve. I want to be up front about my intentions. My choice is either to serve out this term and then move on from politics or to serve a new full 4-year term.

Ruth and I have carefully considered this over recent weeks. It’s been one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. But I have firmly come to the conclusion that it’s the right decision for me and for my family.

Ruth and I have always been very conscious of the impact that life in politics can have on the family. Sometimes the impact can be very significant. Our kids are still very young - we both want to make sure we are there for them and also that we are able to enjoy the experience.

I do feel conflicted. I love this job. It has been an absolute privilege. I am proud to have represented the people of Denison and to have served as a member of the team under Will Hodgman. It is a strong and effective Government and I am confident it will be re-elected for another term. I will be doing all I can between now and election day to secure that outcome.

I am proud of the many things we have achieved over this term of Government.

To name just a few -

  • Seeing confidence return to the State - more jobs, lower unemployment, record investment levels and our population growing again;
  • The work we did encouraging the opening up of our parks to tourism and sensitive development. It has been incredibly rewarding to see the results with record tourism numbers and new world-class tourism experiences and developments around the State. This week we of course saw the effective passage of the cable car legislation – which is probably the most significant step forward in facilitating that project in 100 years;
  • I am proud of the reform in Aboriginal heritage – the most significant in 40 years. Governments will always be far from perfect in this area – there are many challenges and we all need to do more to increase awareness and respect for our extraordinary Aboriginal heritage;
  • The work we have done in progressing significant law reform in family violence and also in progressing bail law reform;
  • And of course energy – putting Tasmania back on the map at the front edge of renewable development again, well on the way to achieving our target of making Tasmania 100 per cent renewable energy self- sufficient, and also encouraging greater investment in energy efficiency.

We have had our challenges in energy – there were some tough times. But I am proud of the way we worked through that and that we are now the most energy secure of all the states and with an exciting future potential in renewable development.

Tasmania has a great future and I look forward to playing a part in that but in a different capacity.

I would like to thank my staff and colleagues for their incredible loyalty, support and hard work.

I would like to thank my family for supporting me all the way through this experience. They put up with a lot and make incredible sacrifices. I look forward to being able to re-balance things on that front.

And finally, I would like to thank Ruth in particular. The love of my life, my best friend a greatest supporter – for all her love and support.

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