Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

26 March 2020

Michael Ferguson, Leader of the House

Parliament to adjourn until August

Parliament has agreed to adjourn to the first scheduled sitting week after the winter recess, of August 18 for the House of Assembly and August 25 for the Legislative Council.

It is prudent and appropriate to adjourn the sitting of Parliament given the fast changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that Parliament has now approved legislation for critical decisions to be able to be made during the public health emergency.

This, together with health advice to avoid where possible unnecessary contact, means returning on the previously intended next scheduled sitting week in late April would not be appropriate or healthy for MPS, MLCs or parliamentary staff.

To be clear, the Government and all elected members are still at work, performing their duties from their offices and if necessary, their homes.

Should there be any urgent need for Parliament to meet to deal with any pressing or unforeseen matters, then Parliament can be recalled earlier.

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