Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

25 June 2018

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Over $9 million in illicit drugs seized

The Hodgman Liberal Government recognises the destructive impact that drugs such as ice have on local communities and we are supporting Tasmania Police to crack down on drug trafficking.

In the 9 months to 31 March 2018, an estimated street value of more than $9 million worth of cannabis, methamphetamine, amphetamine, ecstasy, heroin and cocaine was taken off our streets by Tasmania Police.

Significant drug seizures across the State included:

  • May 2017 - 522 grams of ‘ice’ during a routine check at Hobart International Airport (estimated value of $500,000)
  • September 2017 - 8.5 kg of cannabis from a search of a Launceston residence (estimated value of $385,729)
  • October 2017 -  170 grams of methamphetamine at Devonport (estimated value $170,000)
  • May 2018 - 181 grams of cocaine during a routine check at Hobart International Airport (estimated value of $54,000)
  • May 2018 - 3,200 ecstasy tablets  intercepted through the mail  (estimated street value $128,000).

Of all serious drug offences, 250 related to cannabis, and 126 related to methylamphetamine/amphetamine.

While cannabis remains the most commonly used illicit drug in Tasmania, crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ is of the great concern - it is more potent, more dangerous and more addictive than any other illegal drug.

The Hodgman Liberal Government has set a target for Tasmania to have the lowest use of ice of any State by 2022.

Tough new steps being taken include:

  • appointing specialist ‘ice’ investigators in each geographical District Drug Service in Tasmania Police
  • increasing the number of drug detection dogs across the State to seven
  • re-establishing a full-time, core Special Operations Group; and
  • legislating to stop the display and sale of ice pipes, introducing an on-the-spot fine for any retailer or wholesaler found to be selling or displaying ice pipes.

Every Tasmanian deserves to live in safety and free from the impact of crime and we make no apology for taking strong and decisive action to protect our community from the scourge of illegal drugs.

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