Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

28 August 2019

Guy Barnett, Liberal Member for Lyons

Ogilvie exposes White’s tenuous leadership

The Labor Party’s internal woes and leadership tensions are boiling over, yet again.

Yesterday, Rebecca White’s second train wreck ABC interview within weeks revealed she has no position on Ms Ogilvie re-joining the Labor party, has no view on the make-up of her own party room or shadow cabinet, and no say on whether Ms Ogilvie is allowed to even re-join her own party!

Despite being asked numerous times, Ms White refused to say whether she would support Ms Ogilvie re-joining the party.

Either Rebecca White wants another Labor Member in the Parliament, or she doesn’t. It’s that simple.

It appears Ms White is now the leader in name only, and has lost control of her party room and her leadership.

Not surprisingly, David O’Byrne publicly disagreed with his own leader on the matter of Ms Ogilvie’s party status.

With regard to Ms Ogilvie, Mr O’Byrne said: “She’s been a long time member of the Labor Party, she’s got Labor Party heritage running through her veins you might say, in terms of her family members, so of course she would be welcome back and it’s a case of making sure that we find out who the person is on the day.”**

The Parliamentary and Labor Party Membership are deeply divided, with Labor’s leadership in chaos and its dysfunction laid bare for all to see. It shows that after five years in opposition, they have nothing to offer Tasmanians.

*ABC Mornings with Leon Compton, 27 August 2019

**ABC Radio, 6pm news 27 August 2019

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