Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

21 June 2019

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Infrastructure

O'Byrne's credibility sinks

As I committed to in Budget Estimates, I would keep the Tasmanian community informed if there were any updates when it comes to the delivery of the new Spirits, and we did that this week.

Shipbuilder FSG are experiencing challenges which are well known, and could impact the delivery timeline. As I also said – we are awaiting further advice from TT-Line, which I am not going to pre-empt.

It has been on the public record since February that TT-Line have been in discussion with alternative shipbuilders, this is not a new revelation.

David O’Byrne’s relentless negativity is symptomatic of an Opposition that stands for nothing, has no policies of its own and only a casual relationship with the truth.

Labor has form when it comes to criticising important major projects, including previously attacking and undermining the Spirits’ major refurbishment project, which was delivered on time and on budget, supported hundreds of Tasmanian jobs, and has led to significant growth in passenger numbers and job creation and economic growth in regional Tasmania.

Mr O’Byrne ought to stop undermining the ships replacement, and let the expertise of those at TT-Line get on with this highly important project.

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