Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

5 December 2017

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

O’Byrne confirms Labor is considering selling TasNetworks

In a startling admission, de facto Labor leader, Michelle O’Byrne has revealed Labor is considering selling TasNetworks to fund their election promises.

In a train-wreck interview on ABC this morning, Michelle O’Byrne was asked directly if Labor wants to sell TasNetworks.  She replied:

“Is selling TasNetworks the best way to do that?  I don’t know that yet and I don’t think you should put anything off the table”.

True to form, Labor wants to spend, spend, spend and in order to pay for it they are going to have to literally beg, borrow and, in this case, sell, to pay for it all.

Last time Labor was in Government they left a cumulative deficit of $1.1 billion, trashed the State’s finances and drove the economy into a deep recession and clearly they’ve learnt nothing.

Our position is clear: we will not sell TasNetworks or any other Government business.

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