Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

1 November 2017

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

New needs-based disability funding model and staffing model for Support Schools

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to developing a more inclusive education system to support students with disability, which is why we are introducing two new needs-based disability funding and staffing models for students with disability.

In response to the Ministerial Taskforce recommendations into the education of students with disability, I today announced the next step towards a new, needs based funding model for funding students with disability.

The model will ensure that funding will be allocated based on the adjustments needed by students, and made by teachers, rather than the current historically based medical model of identification of disability.

The Tasmanian Government will now extensively consult with principals, support teachers, class teachers and parents of students with disability in Tasmanian Government schools on the new funding model.

The Government has also now approved a new, needs-based funding model for Tasmania’s three Government Support Schools.

Based on 2017 enrolments and 2016 data, the new model will provide a total increase of 4.37 FTE in teaching staff across all Support Schools, improving the existing pupil teacher ratio to 1 teacher to 3.6 students.

The new model ensures each support school will have a consistent senior staffing profile- one principal, one assistant principal, and two Advanced Skill Teachers.

Ensuring we have appropriate support for children with disability, from the early years and throughout their education is, and always has been, a priority of this Government. In fact, under this Government funding for students with disability is $16 million more than it was under Labor and the Greens, with more teachers, more support staff, and a needs-based funding model.

Unlike Labor, we will continue to Build Your Future to ensure every Tasmanian has a better education and greater opportunities in life.

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