Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

22 April 2018

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Infrastructure

More traffic relief for Sorell and Southern Beaches motorists

Traffic lights at the Hobart Airport roundabout or adding a second lane are among options the Hodgman Liberal Government will discuss with stakeholders in order to improve traffic flow and travel times for Sorell and Southern Beaches commuters, while larger projects are progressed.

Under the Hodgman Liberal Government the economy is booming and nowhere more so than in Sorell, which is leading population growth rates in Tasmania’s south.

The Government recognises this growth has resulted in increased traffic congestion which is why we are delivering on a South-East Traffic Solution – six major road infrastructure projects to reduce congestion and travel times between Hobart and Sorell and the Southern Beaches while protecting the lifestyle attraction of these areas.

These projects, which include the duplication of the Tasman Highway between Hobart and Sorell which Labor oppose, will take time to deliver due to their complexity and scope.

It has become clear to me, after lobbying from the Liberal candidate for Prosser, Jane Howlett, that more immediate solutions are needed to provide relief in the shorter term.

As a result I will shortly be bringing together key stakeholders to discuss options on interim traffic flow solutions, which can be delivered as soon as possible, while larger projects such as a $30 million Hobart Airport interchange progress.

This may include temporary traffic signals, which give us greater capability to control traffic flows and alleviate congestion from conflicting traffic movements.

Jane Howlett has been a passionate and relentless campaigner for the people of Prosser on issues such as traffic and better education facilities. Should Jane be elected in May I am sure she will ensure the people of Prosser have a strong voice in government.

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