Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

18 November 2019

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Human Services

More support for those Tasmanians who need it most

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government has a vision for a strong, confident and inclusive society where all Tasmanians are treated fairly, with respect and without discrimination.

This is why we are investing a record $258 million over eight years into affordable and social housing and delivering on our commitment to reduce housing stress and homelessness with our Affordable Housing Action Plan 2, which is on track to meet its targets for 2019-2023.

Action Plan 2 is the Government’s multi-faceted response to these challenges, but everyone has a role to play.

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government welcomes opportunities to partner with organisations like Hobart City Mission, the Salvation Army and Hobart City Council and back local leadership on local solutions to specific needs that aren’t being met through existing programs.

The Safe Night Spaces pilot is just such an initiative; a bottom-up response to the needs of people sleeping rough in our city who can’t, for various reasons, make use of the shelters and other supports available in the area.

Safe Night Spaces is designed and led by people with direct, practical experience of the complex needs and circumstances of such people, and I congratulate them for their initiative and leadership.

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government has backed the concept from the outset, and encouraged others to support the idea and a fundraising campaign for a pilot Safe Night Space to commence operation as soon as possible. A total of $175,000 has been raised so far.

Today, I am pleased to confirm that the Hodgman Government will provide $150,000 for the first Safe Night Space pilot, and will continue to work with the Salvos and Hobart City Mission to coordinate longer-term supports for the people who use it. Lessons learned from the pilot project will also inform future homelessness programs and services funded by the Government.

On behalf of the Hodgman majority Liberal Government, I again congratulate the Salvation Army and Hobart City Mission for leading this initiative, and encourage other Tasmanians, businesses and organisations to support their fundraising program to give Safe Night Spaces its best chance of success, because everyone has a role to play in ending homelessness.

Donations to the Safe Night Spaces project can be made on the Hobart City Mission or Salvation Army websites.

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