Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

13 September 2017

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health

Major gaffe shows how Rebecca White is out of her depth

In a major embarrassment for rookie Opposition Leader Rebecca White, she’s been found out peddling conspiracies, once again.

Ms White claimed in Parliament today that a so-called ‘secret’ interdepartmental team had been assembled to work with Royal Hobart Hospital staff.

Ms White proudly boasted that she had uncovered a significant conspiracy today, that the Government had been rumbled and that clearly she was an intimidating opponent to be feared by all.

Sadly, Ms White didn’t realise that the ‘secret’ team was actually publicly announced in June this year. Ms White literally turned white in Parliament when the Premier held up the media release that clearly showed the interdepartmental team had well and truly been announced as a positive measure to safely commission the new beds as rapidly as possible.

In addition to that, I personally told Ms White about the ‘secret’ team at Estimates this year – it’s just that she obviously wasn’t paying attention.

This is a classic example of the fact that Ms White’s leadership is nothing but a Melbourne PR firm façade. There is no substance behind this façade.  And if you scratch the surface, Labor is exposed as the vacuous, leaderless shambles that they are.

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