Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

8 November 2019

Mark Shelton, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Lovell confirms White leader in name only

In an embarrassing gaffe Sarah Lovell has admitted that nobody in Labor’s parliamentary caucus knew about its controversial - now deleted- Facebook post on ice pipes.

This would include the current Leader, Rebecca White.

Ms White must answer these questions:

If it wasn’t Ms White and Labor’s PLP, then who decided to backflip on Labor’s platform position to decriminalise illicit drugs, and instead back the Government’s ice pipe ban?

Who was behind Labor’s controversial Facebook post on ice pipes - and why didn’t Ms White know about it?

And who requested it be deleted after the party faithful attacked it in the post’s comments?

Ms White can’t have it both ways. Either she knew, or was deliberately kept in the dark with someone else in her Party calling the shots.

Labor can try to be fake Liberal or Liberal-lite, but Tasmanians can see straight through this sham.

Labor’s platform position to decriminalise illicit drugs is another example of just how close they are to the Greens.

Only the Hodgman Majority Liberal Government can be trusted to keep Tasmanians safe.

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